For tracking your shipments to France and around the world


By placing a tracking tag in your containers, packages, envelopes and shipping crates,

you will be able to see all of your transports and deliveries to France and elsewhere in the world in real time.

You are informed of their safe arrival and can take action if there has been a loss or irregularity during the transportation.

Yuloc – the best security guarantee for sensitive shipments!

47 grammes of intelligence

A disposable tracking tag


Ready to use

No setup, no configuration, no packaging to manage. Just switch on your tag… and it works! To make your operations as easy as possible, all of our tags are delivered charged and ready to use.


An ON button and a green light to show it is working… and that's all there is to it. The YuLoc tag is the simplest to use on the market.

Automatic Geolocalisation

From the moment it is switched on, the tag will communicate its position every 60 minutes, or every quarter of an hour, according to your needs.

Compatible with any transport

The YULOC tag allows you to monitor your shipments on any mode of transport – road, rail, sea or air. (UN Regulation 3481, P.I. 967, Section II)


You can recover, recharge and reuse your tags without limit, making YULOC tags the best value for money on the market.


Add your own logo and colour code – Yuloc tags can be completely personalised to turn them into real marketing tools, building recognition among your clients.


Fun and simple, accessible to you or your clients


The positions of your shipments in real time anywhere in the world.

Alert, notify

Automatically inform your departments and/or your clients of the arrival or passage of your deliveries in specific zones (airports, processing facilities, delivery locations, etc.).


Your stock of tags, whether they are available or dispatched, using simple tools and easy to read tables.


Your YuLoc system with your ERP tools, TMS or WMS platform through our dedicated connectors.

How does it work?

Using CellID technlogy


YuLoc tags use CellID for gelocalisation. This non-GPS technology saves battery power, allowing it to last for two months of intensive usage, which means that geolocalisation can continue in any circumstances, even from inside a package, a warehouse or a basement. Thanks to YuLoc Technology, you will have a system which operates simply and without GPS cover.


A simplified solution

No subscription or complex logistical process – a simple and functional tool to track your shipments and secure your products anywhere in the world.

Global Coverage

Yuloc tags work anywhere in the world, under classic GSM coverage

Multimodal Compatibility

Rail, Air, Road… as soon as YuLoc connects to the GSM network, its position is calculated and transmitted to the console.


At just 47grammes, the weight of YuLoc is negligible inside most dispatched items, including small parcels.


AYUDO, French leader in security tracking


Yu-Link is developed by AYUDO, a French company established in 2011 which specialises in geolocalisation systems dedicated to protecting individuals and goods in risk zones. Our solutions are used in over 20 countries by international groups, government agencies and security professionals.


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